About Me


Ameer Natson

The mastermind behind 5+ successful entrepreneurial ventures ranging from a black owned co-creative studio space to commercial food incubator spaces and a culinary training program, restaurant development and consulting and a nationally admired faith based movement. Celebrated and recognized as a creative genius Ameer has strategically positioned his ideas and developed them into brand that people won’t stop talking about. The truth is Ameer has built an empire that has attracted amazing attention, built communities, and empowered and changes countless lives. His unique blend of crazy faith, spiritual hope and down-home relevance continues to shape his inspiring life story, connecting with his people across the globe and always leaving space to dream. Truth is Ameer Natson has come a long way from a youthful turbulent past growing up in Newark, NJ to turning a $150 dollar investment into The AN Brand, an uber successful Faith, Food, Media and Lifestyle game changing brand. Throughout his career, Ameer has continued to be an inspiration to entrepreneurs in every sense of the word. He is not only a trail blazer in the culinary and media industry but also a Faith Leader and solutionist who has developed show’s for the food network and has executed culinary experiences for the who’s who of the film, sports and entertainment feeding the likes of Beyonce, Queen Latifa, Oprah, Meagan Good, Lebron James and has been featured on USA Today, Fox 5, BBC, NBC, The Today Show and a host of others. He is a best selling author and highly sought-after motivational speaker. Not one to rest on his successes Ameer has no intention on slowing down any time soon and always welcomes his tribe to come along for the journey.

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